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Title Issue File
Size Lang  
CTVUE Configurator 3 Software Build 702-3 Compatible with all color touch screens 702-3 zip 104 MB EN

2D Drawings

Title Issue File
Size Lang  
Commander SX - All dimensions files 1 zip 1.06 MB EN
Commander SX 2D Drawings .dxf zip 1.06 MB EN

EDS Files

Title Issue File
Size Lang  
Ethernet v0.10.200 EDS files for Commander SK, Unidrive SP, Digitax ST, Mentor MP, and Commander SX 1 zip 26 KB EN

Application Notes

Title Issue File
Size Lang  
AN0127 - Common Bus Connection of AC Drives 1.2 pdf 113 KB EN
AN0147 Replacement Solution from Horizon to Commander SK 1.3 pdf 236 KB EN
AN0148 - Prism AC Drives cross reference 1.5 pdf 202 KB EN
AN0149 - Laser AC Drives replacement cross reference 1.5 pdf 324 KB EN
AN0150 - Eclipse AC Drives replacement cross-reference 1.4 pdf 276 KB EN
AN0154 - Driving External Relays 1.6 pdf 112 KB EN
AN0177 - The Input and Output Current and Power Required for an AC Drive 1.3 pdf 89 KB EN
AN0192 - E-Stop Duty Dynamic Braking Protection 1.1 pdf 146 KB EN
AN0194 - AC Motor Condensation 1.1 pdf 162 KB EN
AN0242 - Driving Analog Meters 1.1 pdf 203 KB EN
AN0271 - Commander SX_parameter 10 is set to LOC_Solution 1 pdf 45 KB EN
AN0275 - Extra Digital inputs and outputs 1.1 pdf 129 KB EN
AN0291 - Sizing and Protecting Dynamic Braking Resistors for AC Drives 1.2 pdf 273 KB EN
AN0318 - Determining Hardware and Firmware level of drive products 1.1 pdf 264 KB EN
AN0319 - More from your DB Resistor 1.1 pdf 114 KB EN
AN0336 - Using the Drives +24vdc Supply for External Devices 1.4 pdf 156 KB EN
AN0344 - Single Drive Running Multiple Motors 1.5 pdf 965 KB EN
AN0371 - Modifying the SM I/O Lite/Timer Module Relay Function 1.1 pdf 132 KB EN

Cable Drawings

Title Issue File
Size Lang  
CTVUE-EP-485 Epsilon EP to CTVUE RS232 cable 01 dwg 500 KB EN
CTVUE-EP-485_810882-000-01-2d.dwg 1 dwg 500 KB EN
CTVUE-EP-485_810882-000-A1.pdf A1 pdf 114 KB EN